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Project Method

Why do we use a project method?

The project method opens new possibilities to connect all parts of knowledge to one integral system. It is a modern educational process, which can help a child to develop using an interesting and stimulant concept.

Why do we travel around the world?

"Pre-school children are not able to be aware of differences between particular nationalities. Adults input their preconceptions, based on their own experience."

The children are introduced to the countries all over the world through the educational year plan. From the beginning the project is not only interesting, where children learn about places around the world, but it is also very important as a frame for multi-cultural education.

Pre-school children are too young to understand the differences between cultures. At this age, they focus on their own culture and on their value-ladder.

Thanks to the "travelling project", your children can understand not only their own nationality and culture, but also learn about others. They will have a positive attitude to different cultures and they will know that people who live elsewhere have traditional food, clothing, fairy-tales, dances and languages. So your children can learn that other people with physical, race, cultural or character differences are a natural phenomena.

We will "travel" all around the world all year. We will:

  • meet nature and culture
  • learn their language and their songs
  • experience stories of children who we meet on our journeys
  • taste, listen, sing and live
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