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Czech - English Kindergarten
KINDER - CITY s.r.o. Brno

Kinder-city Team, czech-english kindergarden in Brno

Our team

Welcome to the website of modern Czech-English kindergarten located at the edge of industrial zone Brno – Cernovicka terasa (at the crossroad of Olomoucka and Tezebni street). The kindergarten is located in the building specifically designed to address the needs of the state of the art facility in order to make your children feel as comfortable as possible. If you work/live in Brno and you have a child from 2 to 6 years old, this is the place where you find all the information about the best kindergarten for him!

Pavlína Kubíčková and the entire experienced and enthusiastic Kinder-City team are looking forward to your questions.

Czech - english kindergarden Kinder-city Brno

CZECH - ENGLISH Kindergarten

Education in Kinder-City is bilingual - your child has an opportunity to communicate with both Czech and English speaking teachers. This way he/she learns both languages naturally and develops complex vocabulary in both of them. Children not attending our kindergarten can join our afternoon English and Spanish language courses. These courses are taught by a certified and experienced teacher who teaches only a small group of children at a time.

Modern Facility

Your children will be attending highly modern, specifically designed facility. Children’s security and health is our top priority so our facility fulfills all the security and hygienic norms and regulations. Equipment in the kindergarten is divided into several “theme parks” and every child can choose such a toy which suits him/her the best at the given time.

Czech - english kindergarden Kinder-city Brno
Czech - english kindergarden Kinder-city Brno

We Bring Up Children of the New Generation

The entire concept of the kindergarten is focused on multicultural education which helps children to understand their own identity and recognize and respect the identities of others from the very young age. Children also get to know a lot of information about our planet, culture, history and traditions of individual nations in a very natural and interesting way. This modern project-oriented method is consistent with internationally recognized educational standards.

Kinder-City for a Family

In order to achieve the complex and smooth development of a child, there needs to be present both education and upbringing in the kindergarten and in the family circle. We also offer your children additional leisure time activities. They can learn how to play tennis and golf, climb a climbing wall, practice yoga and speak Spanish. In winter, children can learn how to ski and skate.

Czech - english kindergarden Kinder-city Brno